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Our time together is directed by you.  While I may offer suggestions, ask questions, and share relevant resources, what we spend our time on is up to the client.  You may need to share about something you are going through and be heard and validated.  Or you may want to spend time in the session working together on coping techniques that can help you get through difficult feelings.  Another week you may want to focus on setting goals and strategizing on how to reach them.  I invite clients to feel empowered about their work with me and claim what they feel they need from session to session.  If you want to learn more, please contact me to book a free 15 minute consultation.

My values:

  • Focusing on strengths while creating a safe, supportive space to reflect on areas for growth and change

  • Non-judgmental, compassionate, individualized approach 

  • Honoring each person’s self-knowledge and inner capacity to heal and thrive


What I offer:

  • Supporting people dealing with challenging experiences, situations and emotions through listening, validation, discussion, and exploration

  • Collaboratively identifying goals and creating plans to achieve them, with ongoing supportive follow-up 

  • Working together as long as the client finds helpful, whether that is a single session or long term

  • Using a variety of tools depending on the client’s needs and preferences including writing and journaling, mindfulness exercises and grounding techniques

  • Identifying resources to support the client’s needs and goals outside of sessions  


I do not offer:

  • Psychotherapy, licensed counseling or services directly related to diagnosis or medication


I am genuinely interested in working with people with all kinds of life experiences, but some issues of interest based in my personal lived experience include:

  • LGBTQ+ conception and parenting

  • Infertility and assisted reproductive treatment

  • Difficult birth experiences

  • Grief and loss

  • Navigating the mental health system

  • Depression and bipolar disorder recovery

  • Improving overall wellness, including substance use harm reduction

  • Challenges in the workplace

  • Adult children of people with alcoholism, substance use challenges and mental health challenges

  • Healing from intergenerational trauma and difficult childhood issues

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